The Excuses

The Excuses

Written by abarone

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It’s been 2016 for more than a month and:

  • This is my first blog post.
  • I’ve only played seven hours
  • And I’m full of excuses

For the first week or so, I didn’t have much desire to play.  I spent most of my waking hours in December at the tables chasing Supernova Elite, and while I expected a roller-coaster type month due to reggier games/smaller edges, it ended up being a more of a ‘drop zone’ ride.


Wrote about that downswing in depth here and here so there’s no need to rehash it again.

After a while, the burnout wore off a bit and I started to get that ‘itch’ to load games.  But I couldn’t find the time.  I guess that’s not entirely accurate, as I often found myself able to spare an hour here, or an hour there — and I’d try to squeeze in a session — but that wasn’t enough for me.  It didn’t feel the same.  In order to get back into my routine, I needed full (or at least half) days available, free from distraction and responsibility.  And unfortunately, that was impossible — my girlfriend was visiting me for the entire month and while she’s extremely supportive, I couldn’t shake the idea that I was neglecting her/not spending enough time with her while she was on vacation.

I won’t lie though; I had a fantastic time.


Our villa/private pool @ Westin Siray Bay


Boat trip to Freedom Beach


Sunset in Phuket

But play time is now over — she’s headed back home and I’m ready to work.  My plan for 2016 has some similarities to what I accomplished in 2015; I’d like to play roughly the same number of hours and I’m guessing most of my volume will still come from Spin and Gos.  However, I’ll be dropping down a bit in stakes in hopes to reduce variance, increase preRB profits, and make life easier on myself.  Continuing with that theme of profits made at the tables (and not reliant on rakeback), I want to add more MTTs into my schedule.  Last year’s sample was admittedly small, but the results were outstanding.


On another note, for the past three years I kept active threads on the 2+2 forums, detailing my progress throughout the year.  While I very much appreciate all the support I got from doing so, I’ve decided to ‘retire’ from the PG&C (Personal Goals and Challenges) section for 2016.  My hope is that I’ll dedicate that time to writing entries here.  Obviously the fact that my first entry for the year is in February isn’t a great sign, but let’s hope it’s the first of many!


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