The Pennies

The Pennies

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July was epic.  August was outstanding.

On the heels of back-to-back $35k+ months, I felt pretty damn good.  And rightly so.  Each time I sat down to play, everything seemed to go right;  Bluffs got through, value bets got called by worse, my hands held in most of the critical all-in situations, and I even was able to outdraw my opponents at a greater than usual frequency.  Most importantly, the balance in my cashier kept going up.

And September?

Well, not so much.

When I first told my girlfriend about what I did for a living last year, I said “I’ve never had a losing month.”  At the time I thought it would reassure her that I was financially stable, but I later found out otherwise. In her mind, not having a losing month didn’t necessarily equate to a comfortable living. No, she thought I was angle-shooting her — as I could have only made a few pennies in a particular month and technically that would mean the month was profitable.


Her and I spending some of those pennies on my birthday last week

In September, that’s how I can best measure my profits.  Pennies.  11,100 Pennies.  On one hand, that IS a lot of pennies.  Unfortunately it’s only $111 dollars (Yay math!) and considering I worked about that many hours, I earned roughly $1/hour.  It’s a far cry from August when I made over $250/hour.  Sweatshop wages for the loss!

So what happened?  Dowwwwwwwwwnswing.  I bricked pretty much all of my MTTs, ran $8k below EV in SNGs, and another $11k below in Spins.  In total, that’s $19k under EV, which incidentally is my new record for most under EV in a single month.

Despite that, I remain rather upbeat.  And there are many reasons to feel that way: EV remains solid, VPPs are coming along nicely, and even during the worst run of my life I somehow turned out a (barely) profitable month.


Cheers to October, only 340,000 VPPs until Elite!

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