The European Vacation

The European Vacation

Written by abarone

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Wednesday is when I’ll be saying good-bye to Playa del Carmen and starting my next chapter.  Adios Playa!  I’ll do a full recap tomorrow, complete with pictures of all (at least some) the food I ate, things I saw, and my overall impression of this place, but for now I wanted to focus on what happens afterward.

First, I’m flying into San Francisco, California and spending a few days with my family.  My parents visited me in February but I haven’t seen my sister for about five months so it’ll be great to hang out with her.  Will also be sure to catch up with friends, eat at all my favorite spots (I am dyyyyyying for some quality sushi), and take care of some not so fun errands.  Most of them are super mundane and not interesting enough to talk about such as fixing my phone, but I guess the story of how I broke it is kinda fun:

Was at the gym, doing 75-lb dumbbell presses and unbeknownst to me, my phone fell out of my pocket onto the floor.  As I finished my last rep, I swung the dumbbell down and it CRUSHED my phone.  Oops.

On April 13th, when I leave for Stockholm, Sweden.  To be honest, Sweden doesn’t really do much for me.  My favorite Swedish thing is the fish and I don’t even think that’s actually from Sweden.




But the flights into Stockholm were insanely cheap, so, that’s where I’m going.  Well, where we’re going.  We, as in my mom and I.  I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a “Momma’s boy” but it was her birthday recently and I thought taking her to Europe would not only earn ‘Good son’ points, but provide me with quite the adventure.  I’m sure we’ll have fun and I’m just as confident that she’ll get on my last nerve, but hey, that’s what mothers are supposed to do.

And although Stockholm started out as only a landing spot, I don’t doubt I’ll discover some cool aspects of the culture that I never knew existed.  Wait, I thought of something else I like from Sweden: Ikea and their meatballs.  Does that count?  I’m not sure.

After our quick stop in Sweden we’ll be visiting the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Spain, and Italy.  I’m super stoked about exploring Spain/Italy and by that I mean eating everything in sight: pizza, pasta, tapas, yes please!  Only drawback of seeing those two countries is I won’t be able to play on PokerStars while I’m there because of the silly governmental regulations.  I guess I always download one of those soft Euro sites if I’m itching for some online action and knowing me, I probably will.

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