The Beans

The Beans

Written by abarone

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For all intents and purposes, yesterday went pretty well.  Red line was good, green line was better.  Made 22 buy-ins.  Unfortunately, I bricked the largest buy-in of the day, a $2100 Step 7 WCOOP Satelite.

I won’t lie, it definitely took some nerve to register for that game.  I’ve played a handful of $700s in the past month or so, but before that my highest buy-in SNG was a $300.  Here’s my 9 max distribution for the year:


Yeah, so, that $2100 was a bit higher than I’m used to.  Roughly 43x my ABI.  I didn’t feel too bad after I busted though, as I felt I played relatively well and the ‘roll is healthy enough to sustain me taking a shot here and there.  Part of me wished I hadn’t played the game, as I would have made around $3k for the day and put a dent into this month’s downswing.  It was a fleeting thought and a prime example of results oriented thinking.  If I had shipped the tournament, would I have felt the same way?  Obviously not.

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what made me ill — the likely culprits are

a) Dehydration

b) Undercooked beans (or some other food poisoning)

c) Ephedrine

d) Caffeine

I just started taking ephedrine but have yet to read anything about stomach pain as a side effect.  Probably the beans, lots of information out there on how under-cooking them leads to stomach issues/etc.  I haven’t had the normal symptoms associated with food poisoning, but the stomach pain has been rather severe.  I considered taking the day off, but felt I could grind through it.  The pain comes and goes.  I’m mostly fine, with 10 second bouts of intense cramping, causing me to double over.  It hurts, but hey, I haz a job to do.

Session started out well enough, one of my first games to load was a $200 9-max hyper and I promptly shipped it.  The run good continued for the next few hours and when I finished work around 6 PM, I was rather happy with how I decided to spend my day.


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