The Bumps

The Bumps

Written by abarone

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My first week in Mexico is complete, but it’s been somewhat of a bumpy ride.

Como se dice ‘bumpy’ en espanol?

Despite four years of high school Spanish, I’m basically speaking the language at a 3rd grade level.  And that might be generous.  So far I’ve learned quite a few new words, including ‘ice, unflavored, and shopping carts.’  Conjugation still eludes me, but my ability to pick up Spanish far surpasses Thai and I’m actually excited for the opportunity to sharpen my skills.

In regards to the skills that allowed me to be here, namely an understanding of poker theory and more specifically 9-max ICM, I found myself feeling a bit rusty.  It makes sense — I hadn’t played an online SNG in more than two months.  But after brushing up on a few spots and playing 1200 or so games, I feel pretty good.  And the results, at least red-line wise, mirror that.


My ABI is roughly 30% higher than normal which results in more rakeback per hour and I’m still making roughly the same amount of money pre-rakeback.  A very small sample of $100 Hypers is inflating the numbers just a bit, but I could just as easily say that the $30 Hypers are bringing it down (-5% EV ROI through 400 games, ewww).  Obviously I’d prefer the green line to be higher (the pesky ‘first hand bust’ problem is still happening meaning I’m actually down an additional $446) but that will work itself out in time.  For now, my only goal is to keep the ABI above $24, keep playing the $60s/$100s, and battle through the red/green line variance.

There were quite a few literally bumps in the road as I drove down to Rosarito, but another occurred immediately after arriving when I discovered I needed a new computer.  I’m not tech-savvy enough to explain what in particular is wrong with my old one, but after gathering dust at my parents’ house for the better part of a year, it’s slow, sometimes turns off by itself, and that’s enough for me to junk it.  At that point I *could* have purchased a computer in Mexico, driven back across the border, or played a week on my laptop.  I decided on the latter.  My roommates told me not to buy a computer in Mexico as it’s of poor quality and worse value.  Driving across the border (into the U.S.) is somewhat of an ordeal (as I would find out later), so I figured I’d play slightly fewer tables until I had a chance to buy a new desktop in the states.  I still managed to average fifty games an hour, and that number should be a tad higher once I can switch back.


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