The Best Month

The Best Month

Written by abarone

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Here’s the long overdue monthly update post.

In May, I set two profit-related goals:

1) $5k profit preRB in Hypers
2) $10k profit preRB

Failed both.  In spite of shying away from making those type of goals for June, I achieved them.  As for the goals I did set in June…


[x] 7,000+ Hyper/Turbo STTs

Result: 7305 games, +$9437


Didn’t even have to use ‘god mode’ as I only ran $100 above EV.


[  ] 500 180s/MTTs

Result: 237 games, +$4817

Fell a bit short on this one, but it’s only because I spent more of my time chasing Golden SNGs in the Hypers/STTs.  It’s still more than 7500 games total, which is the number I was shooting for at the beginning of the month.  And I did it in 24 days.


Ran ridiculously hot in these; of the four MTTs I final tabled I shipped three of them.

In short, June was outstanding and after all the other stuff (coaching, bonuses, etc) it added up to a hair short of $20k but is still my most profitable month ever.  Part of me wonders what total I would have ended up with had I played out the final week of June.  Then again, I don’t mind how I chose to spend that time.

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