The Golden SNGs

The Golden SNGs

Written by abarone

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The latest (and possibly greatest) SNG promotion started on June 17th, at 11 AM.  And by 11:01, I had a game up.  If I could sum up this promotion in one word, it would be addicting.

My desire to play has ramped up quite a bit, as the possibility of 2x, 4x, and 10x prize-pools makes it much easier to get in volume.  Each time a new game pops up my heart skips a beat.  Will this one be Golden?  Almost always the answer has been no (More on that in a bit), but it’s still a very fun sweat and for me that’s a huge key to the promotion.  Obviously first and foremost I appreciate the profitability of a promotion but money isn’t always the greatest motivator.  As I’ve mentioned several times before, the main reason I play poker for a living is because I enjoy it and and this promotion makes my job a bit more fun.  If I were solely interested in the bottom line, I’d be wearing a suit and tie to the law offices of Aaron Barone six or seven days a week.  Instead my morning sessions are spent in my boxers.  From time to time I also drag the covers off the bed and drape them over me like a superhero’s cape, but you didn’t need to know that.

On the first day, I was concerned.  How will I be able to tell if a SNG was ‘Golden?’  What if I miss it?   But about 100 games later, I had that question answered.


Pretty hard to miss that

I hit three of them in my first 300 games, but completely blanked in the nearly 500 I played today.  So that’s three in 800 ish games, a bit behind my hope of 0.5%.  Other predictions I had about the promotion:

1) Games will be reggier

Definitely true.  My EV ROI has suffered a bit (Mostly @ $60+), but I’m also getting in more games per hour and at a higher average buy-in.  I suppose the silver lining of paying more rake is getting more of it back.

2) I’ll be encouraged to play some $100 Hypers

My friend Jeff bought 20% of my action, effectively turning these games into $80 SNGs and that made me a bit less reluctant to hit the ‘register’ button.  And knowing that at any game could be Golden is icing on the cake.  Only played 4 so far but I shipped one and that obviously felt great.

3) My volume will increase

Before the promotion, I was struggling to get in 300 games per day and because of better traffic/rewards I’m now playing 425 games per day.  Barely broke a sweat today and almost finished 500 of them!

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