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The Notepad

19 January 2013


I’m writing this blog entry in notepad because my internet is down.  It’s been on and off since Friday morning, and in that time I’ve realized how much of my life centers around stable internet.  Obviously, I sort of knew that already because 99% of my income is based on playing poker or coaching clients, […]

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The List

11 January 2013


Officially, this is my first entry for 2013. In my last entry, I posted resolutions for the new year and none of them said anything about ‘blogging more.’  I figured it would happen naturally — as I’m back to playing full-time and have surrounded myself with people who do the same, I thought I would […]

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The Resolve

1 January 2013

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Probably should have posted this a few days ago when I hit the milestone, but I suppose I can get this entry published before 2013 hits the west coast. Supernova.  I made it. In 2011, I pushed myself to earn 50k VPPs over the final two months of the year. In 2012, I did it […]

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