The Pride

Written by abarone

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I’m proud of myself today.

I didn’t win any money, in fact I lost some.  And my EV line was negative too.

Around my 120th game of the day, I felt pretty dejected.  Losing money doesn’t really bother me anymore, but being down nearly $400 in equity is a new feeling.  Never had I experienced such a drastic swing in my red-line, but it’s something I’ll have to get used to as my average buy-in is higher than it ever has been before, and with higher stakes comes higher variance.  Normally I shy away from variance and look to grind out a stress free living, but I’m pushing hard to make Supernova and that means I’ll need to mix in more $30s/$60s.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my results in those games and will likely continue to play them after I reach Supernova.  Not surprisingly, I’m getting more and more comfortable as I build a sample and in addition, I can feel myself becoming more numb to the swings — at least the green line ones.  I imagine in time I’ll feel the same way about the red line.

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