The Sleep

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I like the way that title sounds.  The sleep.  I’ve said it outloud about three or four times now.

My current sleep schedule is disgusting.  I’d like to blame it on some outside influence but I’ve come to realize that I do this to myself, regardless of whether I have a reason to stay up later and later.  Today, err yesterday I guess, I woke up at 4 PM.  When this happens, I have two options:

1) Stay up later each day until the cycle rights itself
2) Get obnoxiously drunk and pass out at a decent hour

I chose the former.  That means I should be going to bed shortly, but unfortunately I have maids coming to clean my place in three hours, so I need to stay awake until they finish up.  Of course, I could cancel the maid service but then I’d have to clean up after myself and, well, I don’t wanna.  Between my inability to go to bed at a decent hour and complaining about maids interfering with my desire to crash, I sound spoiled and lazy.

Really though, I’m not — well, at least I’m not lazy.  Having maids clean my place has definitely spoiled me a bit, I can’t deny that.  But I’m not lazy.  In addition to coaching for two hours today, I played nearly nine hours and I’ll probably play more.  So far, it’s been a great day.

I’ve had one four figure day since I set up shop in Thailand and I forgot both of my traditions.  The first is to listen to the Tupac song, ‘Changes’ and the second is to eat donuts.  But I had no idea where to get western donuts in Chiang Mai, so instead I opted for the Thai version.  They’re smaller and crispier than what I’m used to, but I imagine that I’ve only scratched the surface to this world.

I bought the donuts from a street vendor who fried them in front of me and noticed several different dipping sauces to choose from.  But I had no idea which to choose and couldn’t explain myself to her, so after a few seconds of awkwardness, she handed me a bag of sweetened condensed milk and I was on my way.  It was good, sure, but I really wonder what the other ones taste like…hopefully I’ll have more $1k+ days in the future and get to find out.  

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  1. Daleroxxu says:

    There’s Dunkin Donuts and Mister Donut in Thailand. They’re everywhere in Bangkok, not sure where in Chiang Mai but they surely have them.

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