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The Sleep

14 November 2012


I like the way that title sounds.  The sleep.  I’ve said it outloud about three or four times now. My current sleep schedule is disgusting.  I’d like to blame it on some outside influence but I’ve come to realize that I do this to myself, regardless of whether I have a reason to stay up […]

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The Relaunch

6 November 2012


FullTilt is back! ..but not for me. No, while others play on the site, I have to wait for my verification documents to be approved.  This wouldn’t be an issue if I had logged in from my old computer, but that device is thousands of miles away.  So instead, I get to send in various […]

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The Baptism

5 November 2012

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I love Monday mornings.  It’s definitely a new thing; on Mondays I do my best to avoid the outside world until I’ve had a chance to watch every single football game that took place the night before.  Actually it’s not really the ‘outside world’ I have to avoid because Thailand/its people don’t give a shit […]

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The Mindset

2 November 2012


I had planned on putting in more volume tonight, but around this time the tables seem to be filled with at least four regulars so unless the games get a bit better, I think I’m done.  That’s the double edged sword of playing during peak hours — games load rather quickly, but that’s because the […]

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