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The Hesitation

23 August 2012


On Sunday night, I sat in the San Diego airport, awaiting the flight that would take me back to Sacramento.  At the gate next to mine, several weary travelers were told that their flight to San Francisco had been cancelled and they wouldn’t be able to leave until the morning.  A few groaned, some muttered, […]

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The Tour

21 August 2012

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I arrived home late last night, officially ending the Las Vegas/San Diego legs of what I’ve been calling ‘Aaron’s USA Farewell Tour, 2012.’ The point of the Vegas trip wasn’t to play poker, but to bond with my dad before I head off to Thailand.  Mission accomplished.  I spent all my time hanging out at […]

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The Movie

9 August 2012


28 Days Later.  Ever seen it?  I’m not a huge fan of zombie movies but this happened to be one I really enjoyed.  And while I’m sure everyone’s very interested in my film critique, the reason I posted this because in twenty-eight days I’ll be on a plane headed for Chiang Mai. Over the last […]

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The Caterpillars

1 August 2012


Half an hour ago, it was still July and my trip seemed so far away.  But now it’s August and, well, I’m starting to get caterpillars.  Normally the phrase used to describe anxiousness is “butterflies” but I’m not quite there yet.  They’re caterpillars for now but I’m sure butterflies are soon to follow.  Even though […]

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