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The Weak Chips

15 May 2012


I was supposed to have a hot date tonight, but she bailed so instead I get to write about poker.  Hooray. From a purely $EV standpoint, this is a solid development as I don’t have to waste money on food/drinks, but obviously given the choice I wouldn’t be alone, feverishly typing away.  I’d happily sacrifice […]

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The Birds

11 May 2012

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I hear birds chirping, which means it’s probably time for me to go to bed.  If this post would have been made three months ago, it’d likely mean I stayed up all night grinding.  Now, it means that I simply couldn’t sleep and spent the last few hours watching SportsCenter (Not SportsCentre, Canada), playing Madden, […]

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The Hitman

9 May 2012


Last week I went to a “mixer” organized by my apartment complex, more specifically the lovely woman named Michele who works at the concierge desk.  I hadn’t met many people from my building and thought it’d be a good opportunity to mingle amongst fellow tenants and have a few cheap drinks.  When I arrived, Michele […]

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The Pouch

7 May 2012


Be warned, I’m not used to this new editing/layout tool that this site has forced upon me so my entries might appear poorly formatted until I figure it out. So far I don’t like it but I’ve always been one who chooses comfort over change, which is a perfect transition to the main point of […]

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