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The Jackpot

25 March 2012

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Played a few hours at the casino tonight and my table hit the bad beat jackpot (BBJ) for $99,000. Quad 8s under four kings. People went nuts. Some were yelling, others jumping up and down. So many high fives were exchanged that for a second I thought I was watching a never ending game of […]

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The Text

18 March 2012


Now that I’m not playing (online) on a regular basis, I’m finding less inspiration to blog. I had a feeling that might happen, but I’m still unsure of the exact remedy. I suppose I could write about all of the live hands I’ve been playing but there are only a few problems. a) Most fall […]

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The American

9 March 2012


Two weeks later and well, life is awfully different on this side of the border. I’m all settled in downtown Sacramento (pics of new place below), but I no longer can fill the majority of my days with online poker. I logged on the other day to rail a friend of mine and pesky legal […]

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The Switch

8 March 2012


Because I’m taking a trip back to the United States on the 18th, I figured I might as well cram in a bunch of games while I’m able to do so.  And so began a mini “challenge” on Two Plus Two.  You can follow my progress here; I’ll be posting daily updates with graphs, anecdotes, […]

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