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The Free Membership

28 April 2011


A little more than a week ago, I headed down to the nearest gym and talked with a representative about getting a one week pass to try out their facility. I liked it. Staff seemed friendly and it was equipped with rows of cardio machines, an extensive free weight section, and even a smoothie bar.When […]

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The Abstract

24 April 2011


Went down to the City Clerk office in Sacramento on Friday to get my passport and apparently the birth certificate I have is an ‘abstract,’ so I have to wait until Monday and bring back a certified copy. I thought I could come back the next day, but the lady behind the counter reminded me […]

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The Bahamas

20 April 2011


Earlier today, the DOJ reached an agreement with PokerStars and FullTilt to allow U.S. based players to withdraw, but no word on how soon we can play. Still, it’s a step in the right direction and hopefully the start of legalization/rectification. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether it’s a big step or a baby step. […]

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The Limbo

18 April 2011


As I drove home from the gym last night, I spent the entire time brainstorming for this blog entry. I turned the radio down and just started talking to myself. Boy, did I ramble. Fifteen minutes later, I realized I had missed my exit and had to turn back around. I spent the entire weekend […]

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17 April 2011


Alright, I’m getting a bit itchy.

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The Bridge

16 April 2011


The last thirty or so hours have been rather hectic. If you haven’t already heard, online poker has been effectively shut down which means I’m in a rather tough spot. Just signed a lease, bought new furniture, paid the government way too much money, and now I might be forced to leave the country. A […]

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The Real (Kid) Poker

4 April 2011


Daniel Negreanu has started playing $1.75 SNGs. No, he’s not busto. It’s presumably in an effort to improve his multi-tabling skills and become proficient in games with a STT structure. Here are a few recent tweets of his, in reference to SNGs. Watched @abarone68 of @Poker_VT do it at my house and it’s a piece […]

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