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The Trip Home

29 November 2009


I’m bored. It’s a little before 8 PM and I’ve been in Northern California for a few days now. Being home really isn’t all too bad, except for my horrible cat allergy — and the fact that my family owns three of them. Manny, the hairiest of our litter It never fails. While I’m back […]

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The Monday

23 November 2009


Most people work a 9-5. Give or take an hour for lunch, and that’s 7+ hours of work each day. So gross. For me, life is quite different. I work sporadically, either when I’ve scheduled a coaching session or I “feel like it.” I don’t have to wake up at a certain time, work a […]

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The Monkey Tilt

19 November 2009


I haven’t felt this way in a long, long time. My head feels hot, my pulse pounds in the side of my neck, and I’ve only unclenched my fists to type. It’s official; I’m on crazy monkey tilt. What happened? I just finished an awful set of games. Absolutely horrendous. Playing seventeen games on my […]

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The Blame

17 November 2009


I wanted to blog about something today but unfortunately there isn’t much to report. November hasn’t been too kind. Volume: I’ve only played 450 games. And we’re already half way through the month. So I’m on pace for 900. Maybe 1000 if I can pick up the pace. I’m used to playing 2,500+ games each […]

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The Business Card

12 November 2009


Fifteen whole days without an update? Holy crap, I am lazy. Of course, most people who read this blog already knew that about me. If you wanted more proof, I’ve yet to make a single video for PokerVT this month despite the incredibly high hourly wage and have only put in 250 or so games […]

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