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The Restart

30 July 2009


I hate server restarts. Hate ’em. I try to put in several sets at night/early morning, but every once in a while, PokerStars stops the games and I’m forced to look elsewhere. But since FullTilt isn’t running any SNGs at the moment, I suppose I could fill you in on my most recent trip to […]

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The Article

29 July 2009

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I’m somewhat speechless. About a few hours ago, I came across an article that referenced this very poker blog. A friend of mine reminded me of this blog’s humble beginnings, as a place for me to both celebrate the good and vent about the bad. When people tell me that they’re a fan of my […]

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The Black

28 July 2009


My title says it all. After being down $1100 through my first 1000 games this month, I’ve had a solid week or so that has catapulted me into the positives. After losing for the first half of this month, I decided to drop down a bit. While I continued to play $60s/$38s/$27s, I only did […]

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The Streak

17 July 2009


Ever since I started playing poker, I’ve always been asked the same question. “You make money?” Yep. “Consistently?” Yep. Never had a losing month. That’s right. I have made money every single month since I ventured into online poker. That streak even includes the beginning months, where I had no idea what I was doing. […]

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