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The Stake

26 June 2009

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I’ve always been nit when it came to moving up. The thought of potentially losing a significant amount of money in a day was enough to keep me at $5 and $10 SNGs for several years, even when I was confident I could crush the next level. For a while now I’ve considered moving up […]

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The Opportunity

10 June 2009


About a month ago, I received a private message at 2+2 from a representative of Poker Royalty. I quickly learned that Poker Royalty was a company that severs as a “talent scout” for various poker training sites and agencies. During a brief discussion, I was informed that PokerVT was interested in offering me a contract […]

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The Winner

5 June 2009


I won my prop bet. Sort of. My goal was to put in at least 4,000 games and I far surpassed that mark, logging 5,074 SNGs in the $16-$38 range. Unfortunately, I experienced the longest, roughest, break even stretch of my brief career, which spanned a total of 12 days and 2000 games. Still, I […]

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The Beginning

2 June 2009

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I try to keep it mostly poker related on here, but excuse me while I go off topic for just a bit. On April 25th, I finished my first year of law school. For the most part, I hated it. While the people were nice, I simply couldn’t put my heart and soul into the […]

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