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The Leaderboard

27 February 2008


I’ve been a subscriber to Sharkscope, a site that tracks SNG performance, for quite a while now. In the beginning, the purpose was mostly to scout other players at my table so I’d have a better idea of the caliber of my opponent and be able to adjust accordingly. For example, if he had a […]

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The Victory

15 February 2008


A little over two months ago, my friend Matt (glitlr) and I made a bet; I could make $10,000 before he could make $2,000. Only SNGs counted towards are profit margin, something he was rather happy about, especially after I won a small multi-table tournament for $1200 only two weeks after we hammered out the […]

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The Road to Recovery

13 February 2008

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My last post, now more than three weeks old, is a constant reminder of the variance that exists in this game. Playing SNG for a living means that all tournaments, at one point or another, will come down to whether or not I can win a showdown. No matter how well I outplay my opponents, […]

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