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The Session

31 December 2007


This entry happens to be nothing more than a brag post, but I don’t really care. It is, after all, my blog. I had played an earlier 24-table session today and didn’t do too well. So I took a break, cleared my head, and came back strong. For those who’ve always wanted to know, this […]

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The Morning

27 December 2007


I couldn’t sleep to well last night, as I kept tossing and turning over a hand I played in a $5 MTT on FullTilt. It’s rare for a hand to keep me awake, but whenever I go deep in a multi-table tournament and don’t finish first, I generally think about the hand I went out […]

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The Casino

26 December 2007


As a non-believer in the divinity of Christ (i.e. a Jew), I didn’t have much planned for today. I considered 20-tabling, watching a movie, or even visiting family before I decided to go to a local Indian casino. Since I rarely get to play live, I wanted to try and make the day a truly […]

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The Bet

23 December 2007


A friend of mine (glitlr on PokerStars) and I share very similar goals in poker; we both want to play more often and make more money. Because of this, I recently put forth a challenge to him. I bet that I could make $10,000 before he could make $2,000. I did this, partly because I’m […]

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The Bad Days

5 December 2007


I’ve been able to sustain a steady profit these last four months, but

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